29 nov. 2011


>>Track 1

>>Track 2
Mark O'Connor's Hot Swing Trio
- Tiger Rag (Jazz, Swing)
Disco: In Full Swing (2003) Disquera: Sony Music

>>Track 3
- Flashbacks (Contemporary Jazz)
Disco: Flashbacks (2011) Disquera: EBF Productions

>>Track 4
- Healing A Random Tyrant (electronic, experimental)
Disco: Grimm Reality (2011) Disquera: Now-Again

>>Track 5
- Girls (Alternative, avant-garde)
Disco: Salon Des Amateurs (2011) Disquera: Fat-cat Records

>>Track 6
Slice & Soda
- Coming From Nowhere (electronic, french house)
Disco: Slice & Soda (2011) Disquera: Para One

>>Track 7
Villa Diamante
- Juana Molina vs Benga (Mash-up)
Disco: dubsteperismo (The Daleduro Influence) (2009) Disquera: ZZK Records

>>Track 8
- Testing (Future Jazz, Gospel)
Disco: Mechanized Soul (2008) Disquera: Phazz-a-delic

>>Track 9
Popol Vuh
- Hosianna Mantra (1972) (Lyrics Edit) (Stereolab Remix) (Electronic)
Disco: Revisited & Remixed 1970-1999 (2011) Disquera: SPV Recordings

>>Track 10
Para One
- Renaissance (electronic, soundtrack)
Disco: Naissance des pieuvres (2007) Disquera: Institubes

>>Track 11
- Ebenze (electro-acoustic, avant-garde)
Disco: Charles Rendition (2011) Disquera: Kitchen

>>Track 12
Sinikka Langeland
- Triumph Of Being (Jazz, avant-garde, world)
Disco: The Land That Is Not (2011) Disquera: ECM

>>Track 13
Banda Filarmónica del Centro de Capacitación Musical y Desarrollo de la Cultura Mixe (CECAM)
- Como de Treinta (son, world)
Disco: Sones de Tierra y Nube (2005)

>>Track 14
King Crimson
- When I Say Stop, Continue (progressive rock)
Disco: VROOM (1994) Disquera: Discipline Global Mobile

>>Track 15
Kenji Kawai
- Osamu Kara Kidou Tai Yokoku BGM (sound-track)
Ghost In The Shell 2.0 Original Soundtrack (2008) Disquera: BMG Japan

17 nov. 2011


>>Track 1

>>Track 2
Recolecta sonidos en tiempo real
– Escucha tu alrededor por 20 segundos.
(Experimento interactivo en tiempo real)

>>Track 3
David Sylvian
- A Brief Converstation Ending In Divorce (experimental)
Disco: Alchemy: An Index Of Possibilities (1985) Disquera: Virgin

>>Track 4
David Lynch
- She Rise Up (Alterantive-rock, avant-garde)
Disco: Crazy Clown Time (2011) Disquera: Sunday Best Recordings

>>Track 5
Colin Stetso
n - In Love And In Justice (jazz, avant-garde)
Disco: New History Warfare Vol.2: Judges (2011) Disquera: Constellation

>>Track 6
Colin Stetson
- Lord I Just Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes (jazz, avant-garde)
Disco: New History Warfare Vol.2: Judges (2011) Disquera: Constellation

>>Track 7
Yemen Blues
- Jat Mahibathi (Middle-eastern, funk, world)
Disco: Yemen Blues (2011) Disquera: LGM & Global LEV

>>Track 8
Trilok Gurtu & Simon Phillips
- 1-2 Beaucoup (jazz, fusión, world)
Disco: 21 Spices (2011) Disquera: Koch

>>Track 9
40 Winks
- Badwill (broken beat, downtempo)
Disco: It's the trip (2011) Disquera: Project: Mooncircle

>>Track 10
Medeski, Martin & Wood
- Your name is Snake Anthony (contemporary jazz)
Disco: Uninvisible (2002) Disquera: Blue Note

>>Track 11
Frederik Oehr
- Enough Time (ambient, glitch)
Disco: Falling Through The Earth (2009) Disquera: Aleph Zero Records

>>Track 12
Mount Kimbie
- Brave's Chords (Ambient, Abstract, IDM)
Disco: Carbonated EP (2011) Disquera: Hotflush Recordings

>>Track 13
Machine Drum
- Now U Know The Deal 4 Real (Dubstep)
Disco: Room(s) (2011) Disquera: Planet Mu

>>Track 14
Alan Shearer
- Sons of the Snake (synth pop, new wave)
Disco: Dark Is the Color (1985) Disquera: PSI Paris

>>Track 15
Tin Man
- Nonneo (Donato Dozzy Remix) (neo-acid house)
Disco: Acid Test 01 (2011) Disquera: Absurd Recordings

3 nov. 2011


>>Track 1

>>Track 2
- Bird's Lament (In Memory Charlie Parker) (Classical, Jazz)
Disco: The London Saxophonic – Sax Pax For A Sax (1994) Disquera: Atlantic Records

>>Track 3
Miles Davis Vs Thelonius Monk
- Blue N' Boogie (Jazz)
Disco: Miles Davis Vs Thelonius Monk (1954) Disquera: Blue Moon

>>Tack 4
The Chandelles
- El gato (surf)
Disco: El gato 7" (1963) Disquera: Dot

>>Track 5
Beny Moré con Perez Prado
- Babaratiri (mambo)
Disco: Plays Mucho Mambo for Dancing (1951) Disquera: RCA Victor

>>Track 6
El Timba
- Descarga Bontempi (latin, electronic)
Disco: Sofrito: Tropical Discotheque (2010) Disquera: Strut

>>Track 7
Laco Tayfa ft. Athena
- Erkilet Guzeli (Remixed by Mercan Dede) (turkish world, fusion, electornic)
Disco: East 2 West - Ethno-Electronic Tales From Ystanbul (2004) Disquera: Doublemoon

>>Track 8
- Endgame (broken beat, soul sampling)
Disco: High life (2011) Disquera: autoproducido

>>Track 9
- This (With Thom Yorke) (Electronic)
Disco: Monkeytown (2011) Disquera: Monkeytown Records

>>Track 10
- Ues taim (Breaks, funky beats)
Disco: Novophonic 67-97 (1997) Disquera: Novophonic Records (Donostia)

>>Track 11
Wendel Patrick
- Bass Trip (funk, hip-hop)
Disco: Sound: (2007) Disquera: Stinking Toe Tree Records

>>Track 12
Nina Simone
- Blackbird (jazz, pop)
Disco: Blackbird / Little Liza Jane (1963) Disquera: Colpix Records

>>Track 13
Vladislav Delay Quartet
- Presentiment (avantgarde, electronic)
Disco: Vladislav Delay Quartet (2011) Disquera: Honest Jon's Records

>>Track 14
Dhafer Youssef
- Solo bass (jazz, sufi)
Disco: Live at Cully Jazz festival (2008)

>>Track 15
Tujiko Noriko
- Shayou (Setting Sun) (abstract, downtempo)
Disco: Blurred in my mirror (2005) Disquera: Room40