29 jun. 2011


>>Track 1 
Recolector de Sonidos - Rúbrica

>>Track 2
Art of Noise
– The invention of Love (Ambient, Modern Classical)
Disco: Influence (2010) Disquera: ZTT Records Ltd

>>Track 3
Arms and Sleepers
– Atelier (Ambient, Nu jazz)
Disco: The Organ Hearts (2011) Disquera: Expect Candy

>>Track 4
Toshinori Kondo, Eraldo Bernocchi, Bill Laswell
– Called (Future Jazz, avant-garde)
Disco: Charged (1999) Disquera: Apollo

>>Track 5
Tied & Tickled Trio And Billy Hart
– The Three Doors pt. 3 (Future Jazz, electronic)
Disco: la Place Demon (2011) Disquera: Morr Music

>>Track 6
Kodjabashia And Foltin Feat. Goce stevkovski
– Cinderella Man (electronic, nu-jazz)
Disco: Penelope X (2011) Disquera: Filter Records

>>Track 7
Fishtank Ensemble
- Gitanos Californeros (Gypsy, World)
Disco: Samurai Over Serbia (2007) Disquera: (Auto producida)

>>Track 8
Cabo San Roque
- Ay Florita (Lunático, surrealista)
Disco: Cabo San Roque (2003) Disquera: G3G Records

>>Track 9
Gangpol Und Mit
- Otsuki Sama, with Mayutan (Electronic, Naif)
Disco: The 1000 softcore tourist people club (2011) Disquera: Ipecac Recordings

>>Track 10
Carla Bley Big Band
- Awful Coffee (Jazz, big band)
Disco: Appearing Nightly (2008) Disquera: WATT Works

>>Track 11
– Wait A Minute (House)
Disco: Hovercrafting EP (2009) Disquera: Spectral Sound

>>Track 12
- Slowburn (Dubstep)
Disco: Avalanche EP (2011) Disquera: Photek Productions

>>Track 13
Spy From Cairo
- Steppin' In (Dub, downtempo)
Disco: An Eye On The World (2003) Disquera: Stoned Asia

>>Track 14
Eleven tigers
– Night (feat. Alice-Marie Archer) (Trip-hop, Dubstep)
Disco: 111 (2011) Disquera: (Auto producido)

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