19 jul. 2011


>>Track 1  Recolector de Sonidos - Rúbrica >>Track 2 Bobby Valentín – Use It Before You Lose It (latín, Boogaloo) Disco: Let's Turn On / Arrebatarnos (1968) Disquera: Fania >>Track 3 Les Doigts de l'homme – Cuba Texas (Jazz manouche) Disco: Les Doigts de l'homme (2005) >>Track 4 Mo' Horizons - Koito Pie Bira (feat Varna Boogaloo Crew) (Fusion, balkan) Disco: Mo Horizons & The Banana Soundsystem (2011) Disquera: a gogo records >>Track 5 Nôze - In The Back Of My Ship feat. dOP (Electronic, swing) Disco: Dring (2011) Disquera: Get Physical Music >>Track 6 Serge Gainsbourg - Cha cha cha du Loup (chanson, exotica) Disco: Couleur Café (1975) Disquera: Mercury >>Track 7 Satanicpornocultshop - Kakusa Mambo - Mc Yes (Breaks, mashup) Disco: Takusan No Ohanasan (2008) Disquera: Vivo Records >>Track 8 Serge Gainsbourg - Mambo miam miam (chanson, exotica) Disco: Couleur Café (1975) Disquera: Mercury >>Track 9 Nostalgia Huasteca - El caimán (huapango) Disco: Nostalgia Huasteca (2006) >>Track 10 David Shire - Talking of Pelham (Jazz) Disco: The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three OST (1996) Disquera: Retrograde Records >>Track 11 Duffstep - Happy Days (Downtempo) Disco: Getting to Sirius (2011) Disquera: Join The Dots >>Track 12 Michael Reeves, The London Promenade Orchestra, Eric Hammerstein conducting - Theme from Prelude No 2 (Classical) Disco: George Gershwin - Favorites from the Classics (1993) Disquera: Reader's Digest Music >>Track 13 Lowerb - Between the night and day light part II (jazz) Between The Night and Day Light (2010) Disquera: Abrasive records >>Track 14 Pandit - Kathryn, My Love (Indie, chillwave) Disco: Eternity Spin (2010) Disquera: Waaga Records >>Track 15 Stock, Hausen & Walkman - Skipper (glitch, experimental) Disco: Ventilating Deer (1997) Disquera: Hot Air >>Track 16 Eric Lau - Proceed With Caution (broken beat, ambient) Disco: Quadrivium (2011) Disquera: Kilawatt Music Limited >>Track 17 Maddslinky - Peru (Dupstep) Disco: Make A Change (2010) Disquera: Tru Thoughts >>Track 18 Aswefall - A Game We Play feat. Daniella D'Ambrosio & Edo (Cold-Pop) Disco: Bleed (2005) Disquera: Kill The DJ Records

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