12 oct. 2011


>>Track 1

>>Track 2
- Brassic (funk, cinematic grooves)
Disco: Valley Of The Bears (2009) Disquera: Just Music

>>Track 3
Wagon Chris
t - Accordian McShane (Breaks, trip hop)
Disco: Toomorrow (2011) Disquera: Ninja Tune

>>Track 4
Beats Antique
- Siren Song (breaks, dubstep, world)
Disco: Elektrafone (2011) Disquera: autoproducido

>>Track 5
Monta at Odds
- A Little Better (abstract funk, postrock)
Disco: Unsuspecting (2011) Disquera: Upstairs Recordings

>>Track 6
- The World is a Ghetto (funk, Soul)
Disco: The World is a Ghetto (1972) Disquera: United Artists Records

>>Track 7
Flying Lotus
- Caravan Of Delight (abstract, experimental, electronic)
Disco: Unleashes Unreleased Tracks (2011) Disquera: Autoproducido

>>Track 8
Land Of Kush's Egyptian Light Orchestra
- Like The Thread Of A Spider (Jazz, Avantgarde, Psychedelic)
Disco: Monogamy (2010) Disquera: Constellation

>>Track 9
- just like you (IDM, Downtempo)
Disco: Morning Light (1997) Disquera: Apollo

>>Track 10
Vinicius Cantuaria & Bill Frisell
- Aquela Mulher (Bossa)
Disco: Lagrimas Mexicanas (2011) Disquera: Entertainment One Music/Naïve

>>Track 11
Eivind Aarset's Électronique Noire
- ffwdslow motion (Future Jazz, D&B)
Disco: Light Extracts (2001) Disquera: Jazzland Records

>>Track 12
Proviant Audio
- In The Jungle (downtempo, broken beat)
Disco: Real Love Tastes Like This! (2011) Disquera: Paper Recordings

>>Track 13
Bel Canto
- Continuum (Synth-pop, ambient)
Disco: Birds Of Passage (1989) Disquera: Crammed Discs

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