19 dic. 2011


>>Track 1

>>Track 2
Nils Frahm
- Unter (Ambient, Modern Classical, Improv. Piano)
Disco: Felt (2011) Disquera: Durton Studio

>>Track 3
- Ikh Hob Tsayt, Ikh Vel Vartn (Yiddish Tango)
Disco: The Pulse Of Yiddish Tango (2008) Disquera: Tzadik

>>Track 4
Freddie Cruger & Anthony Mills Are: Wildcookie
- Serious Drug (Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, Jazzdance)
Disco: Cookie Dough (2011) Disquera: Tru Thoughts

>>Track 5
Tino Contreras
- En el Viejo Estambul (Hard bop, latin jazz, México)
Disco: Jazz ballet (1963) Disquera: Musart

>>Track 6
- Lonely Run (Electronic, minimal, deep house)
Disco: Dystopian Elements EP (2011) Disquera: Delsin

>>Track 7
- The Beauty in Darkness (Psychedelic, Electronic, Future jazz)
Disco: Passing Place (2011) Disquera: Ninja Tunes

>>Track 8
Mamani Keita
- Demissen Koulou (World, Mali)
Disco: Gagner l'Argent Français (by Nicolas Repac) (2011) Disquera: No Format

>>Track 9
Desmond Dekker & Beverley's Allstars
- Honour your Mother & Father (jamaican ska, rock steady)
Disco: Honour your Mother & Father (1963) Disquera: Island

>>Track 10
Eumir Deodato
- Area Code 808 (Funk, Soul)
Disco: Love island (1978) Disquera: Warner Bros. Records

>>Track 11
- Part II (II. Fly To Underground Without The Past/III. Fight With The Evil Spirits) (Progressive Rock, Psychedelic, Turkish Space Rock)
Disco: Journey Of The Shaman (2010) Disquera: Musea

>>Track 12
Neat Beats
- Video Game Characters (Broken beat, Experimental, Wonky)
Disco: Cosmic Surgery (2011) Disquera: Hop Skip Jump

>>Track 13
- Haunted (Chillwave, Electronic)
Disco: Witches (2010) Disquera: Waaga Records

>>Track 14
Thomas Newman
- Six Feet Under Title Theme (Soundtrack)
Disco: Six Feet Under - OST (2002) Disquera: Universal

>>Track 15
Andy Summers & Robert Fripp
- Forgotten Steps (Art Rock, ambient)
Disco: Bewitched (1984) Disquera: A&M

>>Track 16
Andy Summers & Robert Fripp
- Image And Likeness (Art Rock, ambient)
Disco: Bewitched (1984) Disquera: A&M

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